The Story

The rite of a dream

The Beginning

In 1981, Jorge Guillen, an accomplished Venezuelan classical musician, made news with his dream of broadcasting healing music throughout the airwaves of Frequency Modulation (FM) radio, the most advanced broadcasting technology at that time. It was a very expensive proposition requiring a solid infrastructure and a plethora of government regulations.

Guillen among a group of professionals including medical doctors, funded Proyecto Alfa with the mission of promoting the holistic applications of music and sounds. The enthusiastic team managed to launch the commercial release of "Relajacion Muscular" (Muscular Relaxation) an analogue audio tape (Cassette) featuring the principles of Audioterapia Perceptiva (Perceptual Audio Therapy). The product was accepted with certain degree of skepticism.

The Results

"Relajacion Muscular" gained an unexpected popularity among users, and the program was distributed in pharmacies, medical supply retailers, and bookstores. Local newspapers showed great interest in the project.

The proposition was still a very ambitious project in a country characterized by a strong and traditional religious ties. In consequence, alternative healing methods were seen by many, as insipid intentions to cure the mind and body.

Online Radio

The dream of broadcasting music using the airwaves shifted to a reliable and affordable technology with the advent of the internet. A lot has changed since 1981, but the passion still carries the mission of delivering healing sounds and music, but now to a worldwide audience!

It is always refreshing to know that dreams might take years or even decades to materialize, but they surely come true when driven by an inexhaustible passion. This is our reality today; … sharing the joy of healing with sounds, music, and noise. We make it sound good!