Explore the possibilities

A Holistically Motivated Experience

The Project

Healingnoise provides music and sounds to promote wellness in a holistic fashion such as; Sleep Aid Modules, Relaxation Protocols, Meditation Tools and much more. Discover all the possibilities with us!

Our Mission

We believe in the possibilities of using sound, noise and music in the process of creating healing alternatives aimed in the promotion of a healthier life style. Explore all the possibilities with us!

Latest Projects

Healing with passion and technology


Sonoxis is a Soundscape Stream Service dedicated to satisfying client's need for a natural way to incorporate a healthy sound environment in office spaces. Increase well-being and Productivity.

Healing Sounds Radio

This endeavor aims to stream pleasant-sounding segments with no commercials. You can select a broadcast channel based on your mood or taste as a listener.

Products and Services

Explore the possibilities

Soundscape Design

We are a Soundscape Stream provider ready to increase productivity and well-being in the workplace.

Healing Sounds

We offer a wide array of audio implementations with a strong emphasis in the holistic market.

Healing Music

We produce and license Healing Music productions to satisfy the need of the ever growing holistic arena. We invite you to visit our products section where you can sample our products.

Online Broadcasting

Online Radio Broadcast is an important aspect of our business. We have implemented several online radio stations featuring the holistic principles of Healing Music and Sounds.

Made in USA

Healingnoise website is operated and maintained in the United States by Intellixis Inc., a well-established multimedia company based in Reston, Virginia, since 2002. Intellixis also handles technical support requests for our customers using a dedicated Support Help Desk including Live Remote Assistance.

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