The Purpose

We are driven by passion.

Art and Technology

The programming is based on continuous music segments embedded with relaxing sounds. Experts curated all audio streams to promote the best listening experience. The streams are free of commercials or public announcements, so you enjoy an uninterrupted flow of calming music and sounds in your living space. We use a proprietary auto-gain protocol to ensure the audio volume level is always consistent, eliminating or reducing the need for level adjustment.

Art and Technology come together in our intention to conquer a relaxing experience during our daily routines. At Home or in the Office, we enjoy a beautiful soundscape that calms our senses and masks unpleasant ambient noise. There is an increasing interest in the application of music and sound to stimulate productivity in the workplace. Healing Sounds Online Streams provide the opportunity to bring the sounds of nature into any living space. We invite you to share our passion and mission.

Relaxation without Words

The selection of music is founded on using pleasant music and sounds to create a healthier living space. We bring the sounding elements of nature to your home or office in an always beneficial holistic fashion.

Our Partners

We are joining efforts with companies and service providers who share the same vision of bringing healthy alternatives into the living space. Here is a short list of our partners.


HealingNoise provides the core technology used for the relaxation experience of our streams.

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Sonoxis Stream

Sonoxis is a provider of Soundscape Steams featuring advanced Positional Audio Technology.

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