Mind-Body Relaxing Music

WellnessNow is an advanced soundtrack formulated to improve your ability to relax your body and calm your mind. Theta and Alpha protocols have been used in conjunction with isochronic beats to create a holistically inclined listening experience while promoting an elevated state of calmness.

WellnessNow is the ideal tool for critical thinking, cleaning the mind, individual or group meditation, stress reduction, deep mental concentration, and passive or active learning sessions, among many other intellectually oriented tasks. This relaxation session descends into theta frequencies and stays there until the end, where it rises back up to alpha to help you feel refreshed and awake.


Qwaves by Healingnoise

Qwaves is a relaxing digital soundscape created by Healingnoise that resembles the sounds of randomly occurring dripping water.

High Resolution Audio

Enjoy pure instrumental music without the semantic distraction of lyrical content. WellnesNow has been produced with pristine audio quality to give you an easy listening relaxing experience that is ready to delight your friends and family.