For the rest of us

SuperNap is a soundtrack aimed to facilitate a comforting short period of sleep commonly known as a “nap”. Napping has been found to be both physical and physiological beneficial. However, the act of napping is a topic often enclosed within cultural and social bounders. SuperNap is thought to enhance the benefits of sleep versus time.
It is used to supplement normal sleep, especially when a sleeper has accumulated a sleep deficit.

The act of napping is extremely effective when guided throughout the use of specific set of frequencies to obtain a specific state of mind in which body and mind get a quick boost of energy. Scientists has indicated for many years that a 20 minutes nap can help refresh the mind, improve overall alertness, boost mood and increase productivity. SuperNap has been designed around these facts in a very easy to use digital format.
SuperNap is effective in reducing your stress level as a result of a quick and comforting “Nap Time” that you can achieve with minimal effort.


Qwaves by Healingnoise

Qwaves by HealingNoise is an unobtrusive soundscape that helps mask unpleasant background noise at home or in the office with a specially crafted combination of White Noise, Pink Noise, and Aural sounds.

High Resolution Audio

Enjoy pure instrumental music without the semantic distraction of lyrical content. Verdina has been compiled with pristine audio quality to give you an easy listening relaxing experience that is ready to delight your friends and family.