Soothing Sounds of Water

Immerse yourself in a refreshing and relaxing sonic experience with Qwaves. An unobtrusive soundscape that lets you mask unpleasant background noise at home or in the office. Listen to Qwaves to effectively reduce the symptoms of “auditory fatigue” during a flight in a commercial airliner by blocking out unpleasant “cabin noise.”

Qwaves s a specially formulated sound mix containing; White Noise, Pink Noise, and Aural Sound that creates an enjoyable soundscape stream of falling water. Some users have reported calming effects on babies and pets due to the soothing nature of this session. Listen to Qwaves in with your favorite relaxing music to promote a healthy sound environment for your living or working space.


Seamlessly loopable

Qwaves is designed to be played in a continuous mode without a noticeable joining seam. Just set your player in “repeat” mode and enjoy Qwaves endlessly, and seamlessly.

Ultimate Sound Quality

Enjoy pristine sound with Positional Audio Technology for the best sonic experience.