Advanced Sleep Aid Music

Onirika Sleep Aid Music

Onirika, is a soundtrack which has been formulated to help those individuals with difficulties falling asleep of staying asleep. This program is based on carefully crafted musical harmonies which helps the mind and body to progressively walk into a deep relaxed state promoting optimal conditions for a better sleep.

Onirika is safe for all ages, and the use of earphones is not required, so you can use a set of self-powered speakers for comfort and convenience. No spoken words are present in this sound session so you can focus your attention on the soothing harmonies. Fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer with Onirika, an easy to use Aid Sleep Soundtrack by HealingNoise, featuring High Resolution Audio.

Benefits of Onirika

Reduces stress

Getting a Good Night Sleep can help you relax by lowering your blood pressure and reduce the levels of stress causing hormones. It can also help you to cope better with daily stressful life events.

Improves mood

Sleep deprivation may result in irritability, inability to concentrate, impatience, lack of motivation, and anxiety. When you are well rested, you can enjoy doing more of the things you like to do such as spending time with friends and family.

Increases safety and performance

A deficit of sleep contributes to a greater propensity to fall asleep during the daytime and can increase your risk for injuries while performing activities that require high levels of concentration. Being well rested can help to increase the quality of your performance at school, work, sports, and for many other activities.

Improves learning and memory

A good night sleep helps the brain to absorb new information improving your memory as a result.

Better sex life

Not getting enough sleep lowers libido and can make people more likely to have sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. A good night sleep increases testosterone levels, which boosts sexual appetite for both men and women.

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