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Anyone interest in achieving a better sleep experience at any time of the day or night.


A good night's sleep increases testosterone and estrogen levels, which boosts sexual appetite for both men and women. Enjoy the benefits of Onirika.

Night Owls

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) is a sleep disorder in which a person’s circadian rhythm (sleep/wake cycle) is delayed from the typical day/night cycle.


Improve your performance and productivity with Sleep Aid and Enhancing music.

Easy to use with almost nothing to learn

Our modules are ergonomically designed to look and feel like familiar Web Apps. All resources are hosted in our cloud, so there is no need to download anything! It's that easy!

OnePLAN by Healingnoise

Enjoy the benefits of the Onirika Sleep Well Series under the Healing Noise OnePLAN. No gimmicks, No hidden charges, No up-sales, and No surprises. Just $14.95 a month!

Ready for you, Anytime, Anywhere!

The Sleep Well Series by Healingnoise is a collection of holistically oriented soundscapes created to help you Fall Asleep Faster and Stay Asleep Longer. Enjoy soothing music blended with soothing and relaxing sounds of nature.

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