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Onirika Sleep Aid Series

Crafted Music for Falling Asleep Faster 

As a creator of music and sounds to promote a better life style, I'm proud of being an avid user of my own creations. All began in 1979 in my native Venezuela, as part of a project to promote the application of music and synthetic sound.

Things were a lot different back in the days. All sounds and music were preserved in analogue media for mass distribution. Music creation tools were confined to mostly analogue instruments and peripherals, but some major events unfolded as we dreamed about. The most notorious of those events took place in 1981 with the commercial release of a recording from 1979 of Claudio Arrau performing Chopin Waltzes in a Digital Format. This now legendary recording was the first Compact Disc (CD) which changed the music industry.

Motivated by my interest on the holistic application of music and synthetic sound, I created a project to gather ideas among a team of professionals in the fields of music, medicine and technology. We founded as a result the Proyecto Alfa in the late 70’s.

Proyecto Alfa Logo

Proyecto Alfa, was an ambitious project with a desperate need for a reliable distribution media where the “Healing Audio Frequencies” could be easily preserved as programmed on the synthesizers used during our practice and development. The same year of the official release of the Compact Disc, we at Proyecto Alfa, released a cassette tape named “Relajacion Muscular” featuring the principles of Audioterapia Perceptiva, a soundtrack created to promote muscular relaxation. "Relajacion Muscular" gained an unexpected popularity among users, and the program was distributed in pharmacies, medical supply retailers, and bookstores. Local newspapers showed great interest in the project.

Proyecto Alfa

Moving now into the present, things are still changing but an even faster pace. The field of technology is offering new roads for expansion and growth in a cost-effective fashion. so Proyecto Alfa is now Healingnoise, and we carry the same passion for the holistic application of music and sounds. As always, we make noise and we make it sound good! We are fulfilling our dream of distributing healing alternatives to a global market offering streaming services throughout our Online Radio Stations.

We still hold a strong interest in the distribution of our products using CD’s as they are able to carry the sound quality required for some of our specialized products. We, of course, understand the convenience and advantages of audio compressions formats such as; MP3, MP4, and OGG, but these formats are not always the best options for the distribution of our products due to some technical requirements and even legal concerns.

It’s an exciting time to be a musician, or someone whom happens to be passionate about the matter of sound. I’m one of those driven by an inner motivation to make sound a pleasant, motivational and healing experience from a sensorial perspective.

We are pleased to introduce; Onirika Sleep Aid Series as part of Healingnoise line of products and services. This series has been in production for many years and has experienced a significant number of revisions. The first public release of Onirika "Classica" took place in 2014 as a digital download offering. We have expanded consumers choices by adding streams alternatives and most recently Burn-on-Demand CDs, as requested by numerous users.

Healingnoise has released three signature productions as of August 25th, 2017:

  • Onirika “Classica”
  • Onirika “Forte”
  • Onirika “Easy”

Onirika "Classica" is a soundtrack which has been formulated to help those individuals with difficulties falling asleep of staying asleep. This program is based on carefully crafted musical harmonies which helps the mind and body to progressively walk into a deep relaxed state promoting as a result conditions for a better sleep.

Onirika is safe for all ages and the use of earphones is not required, so you can use a set of self-powered speakers for comfort and convenience. No spoken words are present in this sound session so you can focus your attention on the soothing harmonies. Fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer with Onirika, an easy to use Aid Sleep Soundtrack by HealingNoise, featuring High Resolution Audio.

Onirika "Forte"

Onirika Forte is a fast-acting Sleep Aid Soundtrack based on relaxing music that is embedded with proprietary Delta Brainwave Technology developed by HealingNoise. Enjoy slow rising music harmonies while your mind and body enter in a restful state. The Delta Brainwave Stimulation protocol progressively drives you to a natural pattern of relaxation, so you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

The session ramps from an initial brainwave frequency of 15 Hz to 3 Hz within five minutes and stays there for a period of 15 minutes before ramping down to 2.5 Hz staying in that region for five minutes.
The lowest brainwave frequency of 2 Hz occurs at 20 minutes of the session and stays there up to the end. Onirika Forte is indicated for individuals affected by hyperactivity or for those with chronic sleep disorders.

Onirika Forte

Onirika "Easy"

OnirikaEasy by Healingnoise, is a passive sleep induction music protocol created to help you with difficulties falling asleep or to improve the quality of your sleep. This soundtrack, features soothing and slow tempo music tracks mixed with Qwaves by Healingnoise; a pleasant soundscape resembling the calming sounds of dripping water as randomly occurred in nature.

Onirika Easy


This article was updated on June 27, 2018

Jorge Guillen

Jorge Guillen

A Venezuela born, Jorge Guillen has established a solid reputation as an authority in the field of holistic application of music and sound. In 1981, Guillen and a group of professionals founded Proyecto Alfa with the idea of promoting healing alternatives using specialized sounds and music. In 1987, Jorge Guillen was appointed Associate Professor of Music and Computer Applications at the University of the District of Columbia in Washington DC. He is a senior developer at Intellixis Inc, a multimedia oriented company based in Reston, VA in the United States.